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 Stoney Acres Salem

Color: Black - no cross - NLP

Date of Birth:  6-10-2000
Sire:  MGF Future Link, 31", black
Dam:  Circle C Audi, 33-1/4", black
Maternal grandfather:  SS Red Lightening, 32", dark sorrel

Salem has it all:  conformation, disposition, size, color.  Salem is a true blue black. He comes from exceptional breeding: 413 known ancestors, including MGF Future Link, SS Red Lightening, Little Motown, Valentino 50, and all the way back to the first mini jack imported into the U.S.  Salem sired 4 jennets and 1 jack in 2003. All are black with the exception of one spot. Salem has been bred to 13 jennets for 2004. Look for his babies to begin arriving in the spring.

Salem's show career in 2001 was very successful and include:  Black Gold Bonanza, 3rd yearling jacks; Calgary Stampede, 3rd yearling jacks; NMDA Nationals-Oregon, 3rd yearling jack. Click here for another beautiful picture of Salem and the ribbons he has won


H.R.  Waitinonawoman



Date of birth: 10/14/09

20-1/2" at birth

Foat Coat: Black, no stripe or cross

Sire: Stoney Acres Salem - 33" - black - NLP - no cross or stripe

Dam: EA Santa Monica - 32-1/4", dark brown

Monica and Salem are probably two of our very best donkeys. Though we had Waitinonawoman listed on our sale page, we have realized he is too good to let go. Therefore, we have decided to retain him as our new herdsire. He is perfect in every way. Great personality. Built like a tank, short-bodied and square; great legs and a good bite. He will be an exceptional herdsire.




For Reference Only

H.R. Freedom


Date of Birth: 04/08/2003

29 1/2" tall

Color: black, nlp, no cross or stripe

Sire: EA Dr. Chaboom - 32" - black - NLP

Dam: EA Milan 29 1/2", gray

834 ancestors per Pat Scanlan


Freedom is beautiful, solid black, and small.  He is very correct, with a good bite, straight topline, and nice legs.  We are very happy with him as a herd sire. We have Chaboom bloodlines as well as Salem bloodlines. We think this gives a nice balance to our herd.

Update September 2011: Freedom is now a hersire in TX at Daddy's Darlin' Donkeys.


H.R. Desi


Now a Gelding

Date of Birth: 06/14/2005

33 1/2" tall

Color: Black, with light points

Sire: Stoney Acres Salem - 33" - black - NLP - no cross or stripe

Dam: McMillans Desdemona, 33-7/8", dark brown

439 ancestors per Pat Scanlan

We are absolutely thrilled with the way this boy has matured.  He is very black (no stripe or cross) and super friendly.  Desi has been used as a herd sire and has produced several nice foals. He has been started to cart training, enjoys this activity and is a quick learner. We decided to geld him and use him strictly as a cart donkey, since we will use H.R. Waitinonawoman as a future herdsire.


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