The Miniature Donkey

“Miniature Donkeys possess the affectionate nature of a Newfoundland, the resignation of a cow, the durability of a mule, the courage of a tiger, and the intellectual capability only slightly inferior to man’s”, Robert Green, importer of the first miniature donkeys.

Miniature donkeys are wonderfully therapeutic pets.  They love you unconditionally.  When I go out into the pasture, or even near the fence line, I am immediately surrounded by our herd of miniature donkeys.  They make great pets for children.  Jennets and geldings can generally be trusted with small children.  JACKS ARE NOT SUITABLE PETS. 

Miniature donkeys can be shown at state fairs and various shows throughout the U.S. and Canada.  A variety of classes are available from halter classes to coon jumping, fun races, obstacle courses, pulling carts, etc.  Miniature donkeys are quick learners.

Our experience has been that the vast majority of donkey breeders are very anxious to help “newbies”as well as each other.  They welcome questions. 

Donkeys require the same vaccinations as horses.  They should be dewormed  three to six times a year, depending on your setup and your location.  Always check with your vet to see what he/she believes is best for your animals.

If you are considering buying a miniature donkey, please seriously consider buying two.  They are herd animals.  They are most happy with one of their own kind

We are members of both the AMERICAN DONKEY & MULE SOCIETY and NATIONAL MINIATURE DONKEY ASSOCIATION.  Please check under “links” to access their websites and gain lots of detailed information about donkeys & mules.  They are a wealth of information.  As you want to learn more, you will find it worthwhile to subscribe to the following magazines: THE BRAYER, ASSET, and/or MINIATURE DONKEY TALK.  We have found the following books to be helpful:  THE DEFINITIVE DONKEY by Betsy & Paul Hutchins;  CARING FOR YOUR MINIATURE DONKEY, by Bonnie Gross; DONKEY FOALING MANUAL, by Bonnie Gross.

Learn as much as you can before you purchase a miniature donkey.


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Last modified: 12/13/2013

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