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All of our donkeys are registered with the American Donkey and Mule Society (ADMS).  We provide a health record  showing that our donkeys are current on vaccinations, deworming, and hoof trimming.  All donkeys are sold with a new halter and lead rope.  Our relationship with the new owner does not end with the sale.  We are happy to continue to be available for questions, concerns, etc. forever.  We love to "talk donkey". 

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H.R.  Whiskers


Date of Birth:  05/12/2011

Foal Coat: Black

Sire: Stoney Acres Salem, 33" - black - NLP - no cross or stripe

Dam:  H.R. Sunshine - dark brown 

This little jack is a complete package:  Short-bodied, excellent build and excellent bite.  He is being listed for sale for the first time (November 2011).  We had considered keeping him for a herdsire, but decided we really don't need any more herdsires!  Our loss is your gain.

Price: $250



H.R.  Jasper


Date of birth: 09/27/2010

21" at birth

Sire:  H.R. Desi - 33-1/2" - black - light points

Dam:  H.R. Sabrina - 31" - dark brown

Another beautiful boy!  Sabrina is such a natural as a mom.  This little boy has such a beautiful head, as well as great build, good teeth, good lines; everything you could want for a herdsire or a pet.  He had been sold shortly after he was born, but the long distance made it impractical to transport him to the new home.  Along with H.R. Winston, he is now available for sale again (November 2011). 

Price: $250



H.R.  Winston

Date of Birth: 12/10/2010

Foal coat: black

21 1/4" at birth

Sire: Stoney Acres Salem, 33" - black - NLP - no cross or stripe

Dam:  Gardner's Tinata Lynn, 21-1/4", dark brown

This is one of my all time favorite mom/baby photos, taken the day Winston was born.  He is dark brown with a white star.  Good teeth, legs, etc. This donkey had been sold, along with H.R. Jasper, but the long-distance travel made it impractical and the deal fell through.  So, in November, 2011, we are offering Winston for sale.

Price: $250


H.R. Black Legend

Date of Birth: 12/10/2010

21" at birth

Foal Coat: black

Sire: H.R. Freedom, 29-1/2", black, nlp

Dam: H.R. Mimosa, 34-1/2", black

This little jack was born at 9 p.m. We had decided to put Mimosa in the stall that night with the cameras on and I planned on waking every hour or so to check.... Had checked on her about 8:30 and didn't see anything happening. But, for some reason, I went back out at 9 to check and she was walking around with a "bubble" with a visible nose and hoof! Hubby went into action immediately, and it's a good thing, as one hoof was cocked and it was a red bag delivery. We are so thankful all went well. This little guy is very short-bodied and is as black as they come. He has a few white hairs on his forehead, other than that: black! I feel very strongly he will remain that way. His mom is also a true blue-black. This is Mimosa's first baby and she didn't need any help with teaching him where the milk was.  Black Legend is for sale.

Price: $350


McMillan's Desdemona

33 7/8"dark brown (d.o.b. 1/24/02)

Desdemona's ancestry includes PMF Charlie Bandito, as well as My World Mork. Her sire is Mighty Small Blackjack Cadillac. She's an exceptionally friendly donkey who loves everyone. She craves attention. Desdemona's first foal is a tiny, black, perfect little jack born June 14, 2005. We named him "Desi" and have retained him as a breeding jack and a cart donkey. On September 7, 2007, Desdemona and Salem had a georgeous black jack named Calypso. On 9/10/09, we put Desdemona in Salem's pasture for breeding.

Price: $1100


H.R. Cutie Pie



Date of Birth: 04/10/2009

24" at birth

Foal Coat: gray with white higlights

Sire: H.R. Desi, 29 1/2", black with light points

Dam: B-7 Sweetie Pie, 32 1/4", rose-dun

Cutie Pie came into the world at 2:45 a.m. She stood, found the milk and has been a whirlwind of activity ever since. She has a delightful personality and is very independent. Teeth, legs, and bite are excellent. Cutie Pie will make a great brood jennet. She is for sale with her mother, Sweetie Pie.

Price $1,300 for both




B-7 Sweetie Pie

 32 1/4", rose dun (d.o.b. 7/27/02)

Sweetie is a very drafty jennet with excellent conformation and a beautiful round rear. Her name is very fitting, but I would add "Shadow" as I am always tripping over her as she stays close to me. Her mom is a 32" rose dun, and her sire is a 29" gray. On September 9, Sweetie Pie gave birth to a 20" perfect gray jennet named H.R. Katrina. Proud sire is 29 1/2" Freedom. This is Freedom's first baby also. We are keeping Katrina. Sweetie Pie had a georgeous jennet, H.R. Hannah, on May 7, 2007. Proud sire is Stoney Acres Salem. Third foal is a gray jennet named “Cutie Pie”. She was born 4/10/09. Sweetie Pie is for sale, along with “Cutie Pie”.

Price $1,300 for both



H.R. Stella


Pictures taken 01/22/2009


Date of Birth: 04/22/2008

21" at birth

Foal Coat: Black w/small star

Sire: Stoney Acres Salem - 33" - black - NLP - no cross or stripe

Dam:  H.R. Sabrina - 31" - dark brown


Stella is beautiful, black, well-rounded, and correct. She has a small star like her sire and dam. Her full sisters are Mimosa (2006) and Misty May (2004). We continue to breed Salem to Sabrina since we always get nice donkeys from this match.

Price $500



Short Assets Gidget

32 1/4", dark steel gray (d.o.b. 6/3/00)

416 ancestors per Pat Scanlan

Gidget is a very solid-built jennet. She’s correct in everey way. Her background includes Quarter Moon Barney, PMF Charlie Bandito, and Windcrest Rusty Red. Her foals are: Shadow (brown jennet), Opie (brown jack) and most recently, Hogan (dark gray/brown jack).

For Sale: $800


H.R. Hannah


Date of Birth: 05/07/2007

23 " at birth

Foal Coat: steel gray

Sire: Stoney Acres Salem - 33" - black - NLP - no cross or stripe

Dam: B-7 Sweetie Pie -  32-1/4", gray

Hannah came into this world early in the morning and before the day was over, she was like a week old baby.  She has done everything early, including eating grass and grain. She is a very independent girl and could care less if she's near her mom, except when it's time for milk. She spends her time running, bucking, jumping, chasing the cats, and being very inquisitive about everything around her. She's afraid of nothing. She is nicely conformed and has the straightest legs we have ever seen on a newborn. Teeth are very good. She's simply a joy to have around. Hannah will be a great brood jennet/show donkey.

Price $800




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