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 Thank you for visiting our website. We are located in Bismarck, Missouri, a town of about 1,500 people. We are approximately 80 miles south of St. Louis, Missouri. We previously lived in the St. Louis area. My husband is a retired electrician and I was an administrator at Washington University School of Medicine. We retired in 1999 and moved to our “weekend place” which we had owned for about 25 years

We built a new home and added two more barns.  The photos above are our home and our newest barns. The barn on the right is "Salem's barn". He is our herd sire. We keep two or three of his favorite girls with him for company.

 In October, 2000, my husband Ronnie and I bought our first miniature donkeys:  a 7 year old gray jennet and her 3-month old jack foal.  It was love at first sight.  I immediately started “searching the web” to try to find out everything I could about these new additions to our family.  I subscribed to three miniature donkey magazines, MINIATURE DONKEY TALK, THE BRAYER, ASSET.   

We contacted a breeder in the St. Louis area through information in one of the above magazines.  She mentioned there was a breeder only about an hour and a half from us.  We called and made arrangements for a ranch visit.  We came home with Monica that day and made arrangements to buy Coalby (he was 3 days old when we saw him) and his dam, Curly Sue.  Then we bought a few days old jennet, Sabrina, and her dam, Barbra

 We  found out about the International Livestock Festival, held in April, in Springfield, IL.  We thought that would be a good place to see other miniature donkeys, so we made the weekend trip.  We were enchanted.  We had no idea all the things miniature donkeys could do.  It was such a thrill to meet so many experienced breeders.  All were willing to share information about miniature donkeys with us.  We bought Short ASSets Gidget at the show.  She was delivered a couple days later.  We were on our way.

We “borrowed” a jack for 5 months in 2001 to breed to our mature jennets.  He is EA Dr. Chaboom.  He is a wonderful herdsire, but…..we needed our own!  The search began.  It ended in Canada with the purchase of Stoney Acres Salem.  We first contacted his breeder in December,  2001.  He was delivered to us August 1, 2002.  The wait was well worth it.  We are thrilled with him.  He is all we wanted and a whole lot more. Salem has been having a lot of "fun" since he arrived here.

In the summer of 2002, a friend of ours, had a serious injury, and realized he could no longer properly care for his miniature donkeys. You guessed it....we bought them all!

My husband, Ronnie, gives all the shots, deworms the donkeys,  and trims hooves.   I do the grooming, photo-taking, much of the “loving”, etc.  We both really love this life we have chosen.  Many people don’t understand why we don’t just kick back, watch TV, and travel.  Then, they come and meet our miniature donkeys, and they understand!

In June of 2003, my sister, Wendy, clipped four of our donkeys because we planned on showing them at the July show in Shelbyville, TN. We later decided not to go to Shelbyville, and instead entered four of our miniature donkeys in a local 4th of July parade. Many of the people had never seen a miniature donkey and the donkeys were the "stars" of the parade. We had fun and will probably do this again.

2003 brought a lot of excitement. In April, our "future herd sire", H.R. Freedom was born. He is a small black , nlp, out of EA Chaboom. In August and September, Stoney Acres Salem's first foals were born: four beautiful girls and one handsome boy! Salem has NOT disappointed us. This foal crop is so correct! Not to mention they are all little love-bugs! Now we can't wait until next spring for the next group of babies to arrive.

In addition to our miniature donkeys, we have a Missouri Foxtrotter named Smartee, a Tennessee Walker named Miss Wings and an assortment of cats keep the mice down.

 We encourage ranch visits.  Please call in advance to be sure we are home.  I hope you enjoy our website.



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